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Living With Hearing Loss Series

We are happy to announce that the Living With Hearing Loss books, videotapes and DVD are available once again. The books that accompany the videotapes and DVD have been rewritten and updated this year, 2003, and two new books are also now available.

All of the videotapes and DVD are completely open-captioned with every word spoken appearing as sub-titles at the bottom of the screen. The actors in the videotapes and DVD are all SHHH members, and the scripts are based on actual experiences reported by people who are hard of hearing and their family members.

There are two new books in the series:

The remaining DVD, videotapes and books offer more in-depth focus on specific areas covered in the Living With Hearing Loss: Workbook. These books, videotapes and DVD provide the reader with further opportunity to practice doing the kinds of things that are helpful in preventing and reducing communication problems and their physical, psychological, social effects.

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