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Living with Hearing Loss Workbook -- Samuel Trychin, PH.D.
Living with Hearing Loss: Workbook

Living with Hearing Loss in School -- Samuel Trychin, PH.D.
Living with Hearing Loss: At School

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“I have worked with Dr. Sam for more than twenty years and find him the best teacher I have known in the hearing health field. He has the gift of explaining complicated issues in language we can all understand and with a sense of humor that always keeps his audience awake.” Rocky Stone, Founder and former Executive Director of HLAA—Hearing Loss Association of America (formerly, SHHH--Self Help for People Who Are Hard of Hearing)

“Doing Sam’s workbooks with a loved one and a weekly processing session with Sam has changed my life.” Penny Kennedy, Psychodynamic therapist

“Dear Sam…I have not only read your book, I have studied it. There is much wisdom in what you write.” Martin Finkle, MD, New York, NY

“Hearing loss can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all in how you learn to handle it. Sam Trychin is as close as you will ever come to having a manual that will instruct you how to take ownership and control of your hearing loss and your life.” Sherri Lambert Collins, M.Ed., Executive Director, Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing

“I highly recommend attending a workshop presented by Sam Trychin to anyone with a hearing loss, their family members and friends. For professionals working with people with hearing loss, the workshops are a must. A highly interactive format leads attendees to identify the challenges of hearing loss and to discover effective ways of approaching those challenges. I have both experienced and observed the life-changing impact of these workshops and would like for all people with hearing loss to have the same opportunity. Ann Liming, Nurse and past President, Board of Directors of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

“Dr. Trychin’s “Living with Hearing Loss” program can be used on its own, or can be used as a resource to support and expand existing programs. The program materials provide a range of activities and a fresh approach to building coping strategies and include the unique components of assertiveness and relaxation training. I have used these materials to support my own programs since 1989 and consider them to be an invaluable resource in providing services to my clients. These materials inspire the clinician to expand his/her services to better meet the needs of person’s who have hearing loss.”  Mary Beth Jennings, Ph.D. Audiologist, National Centre for Audiology, The University of Western Ontario

“This is what makes Dr. Trychin’s material so unique. In addition to providing the framework to identify the problems, he also provides materials for the next two very important steps which are determining how one reacts to the communication difficulty and then how to change behavior so that hopefully the things that contribute to the communication breakdown don’t occur again.” Linda Thibodeau, Ph.D. Audiologist, Department, of Audiology, University of Texas, Dallas