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Living with Hearing Loss Workbook -- Samuel Trychin, PH.D.
Living with Hearing Loss: Workbook

Living with Hearing Loss in School -- Samuel Trychin, PH.D.
Living with Hearing Loss: At School

On Line Training Available


Living with Hearing Loss Program—Samuel Trychin, Ph.D.
Coaching, Education, and Training

Dr. Samuel Trychin has conducted coaching, education, and training programs focused on issues related to hearing loss for more than 30 years.  These instructive programs focus on problems and concerns reported by people who have hearing loss and by their communication partners—often family members.

The content of the program provides information on:

1. Identifying the specific cause(s) of and reactions to hearing loss-related communication difficulties,
2. What to do to prevent or reduce the occurrence of communication problems, and,
3. What to do to reduce negative emotional reactions when communication difficulties do arise.

Coaching, education and training programs are available for people who have hearing loss and their communication partners. Program formats and fees* are flexible and include:

On Site/in person programs     Distance programs
Two-day (usually weekend) programs $700/day  By telephone (individually arranged) $50/hour
One-day programs $1000 By email (individually arranged) $50/hour     
Half-day programs $700 Skype and Face-time sessions $50/hour
Individual one-hour sessions $50/hour On-line classes (6-8 people) $25/session
Weekly two-hour group sessions (6-10 people) $20/class  

*Individual considerations available for HLAA members

The location of the on-site half-day to two-day programs is either at our facility in Pennsylvania or at a location of your choice. The two-hour group and individual one-hour sessions are located at out facility in Pennsylvania.

Professional education and training programs are also available for those who provide services to people who have hearing loss and their communication partners.

Dr. Trychin also presents information regarding hearing loss at professional conferences/meetings.

Specific topics included in Dr. Trychin’s Coaching, Education, and Training program:

Signs and symptoms of hearing loss
Myths and misconceptions about hearing loss
Hearing loss as a communication disorder
Problems frequently reported by people who have hearing loss
Problems frequently reported by communication partners
Causes of communication problems
Reactions to communication problems
Mental health risks associated with hearing loss
Developmental tasks and hearing loss
Guidelines for preventing or reducing communication problems
Other effective communication behaviors
Resistance to change: Why don’t they do what they should?
Managing negative emotional arousal

Dr. Trychin has conducted coaching, education and training programs in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. He is available to conduct programs at your location as well as in Pennsylvania. For further information contact Dr. Trychin at (814) 897 1194 or at samueltrychin@gmail.com.

Professional groups that have participated in Dr. Trychin’s programs include:
Aging specialists:
      State Department of Aging personnel
      Senior Center staff
      Meals-on-Wheels drivers
      Residential Care facilities staff
      Retirement Communities personnel
Business and Industry Administrators and Personnel staff
Hearing aid dispensers
Hospital employees (nurses, physicians, administrators, aids)
Mental Health providers (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors)
Judges and court personnel
Police and Corrections personnel
Schools for the Deaf (Oral and Manual) personnel
Speech and Language pathologists
State Advisory Councils
State agencies for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Teachers, School Psychologists, Nurses and other school personnel
University Medical Schools
University Student Special Services personnel
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Administrators