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Living with Hearing Loss Workbook -- Samuel Trychin, PH.D.
Living with Hearing Loss: Workbook

Living with Hearing Loss in School -- Samuel Trychin, PH.D.
Living with Hearing Loss: At School

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Orders can be submitted with this form or via paypal, and will be sent the next business day using U.S. Postal Service. Your remittance by return mail is requested.

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All costs for the handling, postage and taxes are included with the published list price. No additional fees are assessed.

Orders of multiple copies are encouraged and will be accommodated promptly. Such bulk orders can be submitted by fax at (814)897-1194, by phone at (814)897-1194 or by email to samueltrychin@gmail.com. Please give sufficient details within your requests to expedite our processing of your order.

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Order Information

box Living with Hearting Loss: Workbook $28.00
box Communication Rules book $25.00
box Communication Rules DVD   $25.00
box Communication Rules book and DVD $40.00
box Did I Do That? book   $25.00
box Did I Do That? DVD   $25.00
box Did I Do That?  book and DVD $40.00
box Problem solving in Families book $25.00
box Getting Along: Problem solving in Families DVD $25.00
box Problem solving in Families book and DVD   $40.00
box Living with Hearing Loss: At school book  $25.00
box Is That What You Think? book  $25.00
box Relaxation Training book  $25.00
box Relaxation Training DVD $25.00
box Relaxation Training book and DVD $40.00
box Speak Out! Book $20.00
box Actions Speak Louder book $25.00

Contact Dr. Trychin at samtrychin@roadrunner.com or by telephone to (814)897-1194. Mailing address is Sam Trychin, Ph.D., 212 Cambridge Road, Erie, PA., 16511.